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Bostitch P50-10B Plier Stapler Video Demonstration

The Bostitch P50-10B plier stapler is a type of carton stapler used for the closing of corrugated inserts and trays. This carton stapler is air driven for fast production and easy use. The P50-10B plier stapler can make short work of large jobs. It uses the Bostitch SB103020 box staple. The Bostitch SB103020 staple has a range from 3/8,1/2 and 5/8. The P50-10B is an excellent choice for a plier stapler and is used worlwide. Please give Box Stapler Supply a call if you have questions.

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Josef Kihlberg Staplers offers a wide selection of quality foot staplers, manual carton staplers, pneumatic box staplers, pneumatic plier staplers, manual plier staplers, and josef kihlberg parts for a variety of industrial packaging needs.
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